On July 24th, the third day of the FINA 2018 World Junior Championships, the competitions among the girls Group “A” on the one-meter springboard, among the girls Group "B" on the ten-meter platform and three-meter springboard boy’s synchronized diving were held.

On the one-meter springboard among the girls, the confident win was demonstrated by the Chinese diver Tong MA with the result of 410.85, the second place was taken by Uliana KLIUEVA from Russia (398.35) and the third position was got by the USA representative Maria COBURN with the total score of 393.05

Among the girls Group "В" on the ten-meter platform the gold medal went to the representative from China Jialing LIU with the result of 378.40, the silver medal was won as well by the Chinese girl Yanwei HE with the number of 371.20 points, and the bronze medal was given to the representative of Japan Rin KANETO with the result of 335.95

In the boy’s three-meter springboard synchronized diving competition the gold medal was won by the pair from Canada Henry MCKAY and Victor POVZNER with the result of 300.33, the silver prize went to the German sportsmen Lou MASSENBERG and Karl SCHÖNE with 298.56 points, and the third place was occupied by the Columbian boys Daniel RESTREPO GARCIA and Luis Felipe URIBE BERMUDEZ with the result of 290.88



On Wednesday, July 25, the fourth day of the FINA 2018 World Junior Championships the competitions were held among the boys' group "B" on the one-meter springboard and among the girls Group “A” on the three-meter springboard.

On the one-meter springboard among the boys Group В the first place in the tournament table was occupied by the representative from China Daoyi LONG gained 466.80 points, the silver medal was won by the diver from the United States of America Tyler DOWNS (452.35) and the bronze award was received by the Mexican representative Osmar OLVERA IBARRA with the amount of 413.90 points.

Among the girls' group “A” on the three-meter springboard the gold medal went to the Chinese representative Shan LIN with a score of 503.15 points, the second place was as well taken by a Chinese girl Tong MA with the score of 487.30, and the bronze medal - Alysha KOLOI (432.30) from Australia. 


26 JULY, 2018 | 5th DAY - 0,45 POINT MARGIN

The LIKO sports centre continues to hold 2018 FINA World Junior Diving Championships. On the fifth day, July 26, there were girl’s platform synchronized dives, one-meter springboard among the boys' Group “A”, and platform individual dives among the boys Group “B”.

In the synchronized dives among the girls with a margin of more than 35 points, the pair from China won  Shiyun LAI and Jialing LIU with the result of 314.88, the second place was occupied by the pair from the United Kingdom –Phoebe BANKS and Emily MARTIN with the score of 278.79, and the third place was got by the Romanianreprentatives – Nicoleta-Angelica MUSCALU and Antonia-Mihaela PAVEL with 265.44 points.

Among the boys Group “A” Zongyuan WANG from China won the gold medal with 557.65 points, the second place was as well occupied by the Chinese representative - Zheng LI (526.85), and Matthew CARTER from Australia was awarded with the bronze medal with the score of 517.90.

On the platform among the boys Group “B” the gold medalist became the Chinese representative Zelin YAO with the result of 481.85, with 0,45-point margin the silver medal was received by the Chinese representative as well – Zewei WANG (481.40), and the bronze reward went to Russian Maksim MALOFEEV with the result of 467.85.



On Friday, 27th July, there is still a week of sports celebration – 2018 FINA World Junior Championships – in LIKO sports centre. Today the individual competitions among the boys' Group “B” on the 3-meter springboard and among the girls Group “A” on the platform were carried out.

On the three-meter springboard among the young sportsmen the gold was won by the representative of China Daoyi LONG, his score was 474.90; the second place was also got by the athlete from China Zelin YAO with the result of 464.60; and the third place was taken by the representative of Canada Cédric FOFANA, the sum of points was 459.05.

The Ukrainian representative Danylo KONOVALOV won the honourable 5th place, with the result of 434.60. Bohdan CHYZHOVSKYI, who represents Ukraine, finished his performance in the preliminary competitions with the score of 394.75. Bogdanlacked only 2.65 points for the finals.

Among the girls Group “A” on the platform the landslide victory belonged to the Chinese Rui ZHANG with the result of 488.70, the silver medal as well was won by the Chinese athlete Shan LIN with 453.20 points, and the third place was occupied by the RussianIana SATINA with the result of 425.90.

The Ukrainian diver Sofiia LYSKUN took the 7th place, her performance ended with the result of 375.95. Sophia was more fortunate in the preliminary competitions, where she showed the third result. But still Ukrainian fans gave a lot of smiles, a storm of emotions, there was great support from every spectator! Come to support the Ukrainian athletes, they need a bit of attention from you!



On July 28, we can still hear applauses in the LIKO Sports Center during 2018 FINA World Junior Championships. On the last but one competitive day one can admire the boy’s synchronized platform diving and 3-meter springboard individual dives among the girls Group “B”. In the incredible platform synchronized diving competition among the boys the winners became the representatives of China - Zheng LI and Junjie LIAN (328.44), silver medal went to the pair from Great Britain – Matthew DIXON and Noah WILLIAMS (304.65), and the third place with the margin of 0.57 was won by the young athletes from UKRAINE - Yevhen NAUMENKO and Oleh SERBIN with the result of 304.08.
Among the girls' Group “B” on the 3-meter springboard the golden award was received by the representative from China - Shiyun LAI with the result of 436.80, on the second place was the athlete from the United States - Hailey HERNANDEZ (380.80) and a bronze medal was solemnly given to the representative of Sweden – Emilia NILSSON GARIP (373.80). The Ukrainian girl - Anna ARNAUTOVA – took the 12th place finishing her performance with 281.65 points. Anna first participated in such important competitions, this is a great experience for a future competitive career!
Tomorrow is the final day of the competition! Hurry up to join for supporting the Ukrainian junior team!


29 JULY, 2018 | 8th DAY - FINAL DAY OF FINA WJDC 2018

On Sunday, July 29, the final day of FINA 2018 World Junior Championships was held in LIKO Sports Center. Today we saw diving among the girls on the three-meter springboard and individual platform dives among the boys' Group “A”.

In the girl's synchronized  3-meter springboard dives the gold medal was won by the pairs from China – Tong MA and Rui ZHANG with the result of 265.50, the second place was taken by the Russian girls – Uliana KLIUEVA and Vitaliia KOROLEVA (255.00points), and the third place was occupied by the Japanese athletes – Rin KANETO and Mai YASUDA with the score of 254.28.

The representative of China - Junjie LIAN, with the score of 589.30 won the first place on the platform among the boys' Group “A”, the silver award went to the Russian Ruslan TERNOVOI with the result of 543.90, a bronze medal award was given to Zheng LI (523.55 points) from China. 



Team China won team trophy of the FINA WORLD JUNIOR DIVING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018!

Thanks everyone for attending our mega sport event in Ukraine! FINA and Ukrainian Diving Federation made everything possible to ensure that this event was held at the highest level and became memorable for everyone! Thanks friends and diving lovers! Water is our world!



Monday, the second day of the 2018 FINA World Junior Diving Championships, saw the 3 meter springboard competition among the boys “Group A” and 1 meter springboard competition among the girls “Group B”.
In the tight struggle on the 3 meter springboard among the juniors of the Group “A” the victory was gained by the Colombian representative Daniel RESTREPO GARCIA with the score of 583.35, followed with the less than 1 (one) point margin by the representative of China Luxian WU with the total score of 582.50, and the third place was taken as well by the Chinese representative Junjie LIAN with the result of 570.40.

23 JULY, 2018 | 2nd DAY - CHINA, USA and RUSSIA ON THE TOP

The gold medal for the 1 meter springboard among the girls “Group B” was won by the representative from China - Shiyun LAI with the sum of points 372.75, the second place was taken by the USA representative Hailey HERNANDEZ (347. 45) and the bronze medal went to Elizaveta KANSO from the Russian Federation with the result of 343.45.


On the second day of the World Junior Diving Championships the official ceremony of the Competition Opening took place with participation of honoured guests among which there was the President of the Ukrainian Diving Federation Ihor Lysov, the FINA President Dr. Julio Maglione, the Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Ihor Zhdanov, a member of the International Olympic Committee Valery Borzov and others. The official ceremony was organized at the high level, all 49 countries-participants took part in the parade. The incredible show of angels and aerial performers granted the spectators unforgettable impression and a lot of positive emotions for the whole week, as further the most interesting is expected!



Just after the Opening Ceremony a press conference was held with the leadership of the Competitions attended by the President of the Ukrainian Diving Federation Ihor Lysov, the FINA President Dr. Julio Maglione and the Executive Director of FINA Cornel Markulescu. Mr. Maglione highly estimated the organization of competitions and facilities of the LIKO Sports Complex, which hosts this week the World Championship and thanked Ihor Lysov for his significant contribution to the sports development. Cornel Markulescu added that the unprecedented number of participants proves that Ukraine and Kiev City is a right choice as a venue for the World Junior Diving Championship.



A press conference regarding the World Junior Diving Championships was held at the Sports Center "Liko" on the eve of the start of the competition. The conference was attended by the President of the Ukrainian Diving Federation Mr Igor Lysov, the Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Mr Ihor Zhdanov, the head coach of the Ukrainian national diving team Mrs Tamara Tokmachova and the Honorary Secretary of the FINA TDC Mrs Kathy Seaman. Level of the preparation of the event was highly marked by top management of Championships.



The 8-day meet started with TEAM EVENT on 22nd of July. Great Britain team won gold medals with a score of 318.70, team China came second with 307.50 points, and the bronze medals were received by the team Australia (304.50). Congratulations to all medalists!



FINA TDC delegates with Local Organizing Committee held a technical meeting with team leaders, judges and representatives of 49 participating countries. During the meeting were discussed the format of the competition and various aspects of the World Junior Championships.


18 JULY, 2018 | 5 DAYS TO GO

Amazing "LIKO" Sport Center keep transforming and become more beautiful day by day! Only 5 days left until the start of FINA World Junior Diving Championships 2018!
Welcome everyone!


11 JULY, 2018

"LIKO" Sport Center transforming every day! Only 10 days left until the start of FINA World Junior Diving Championships 2018 in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Welcome everyone!


The first team of the FINA World Junior Diving Championships 2018 came to us from Southern Africa! Welcome friends! We are excited and waiting for the other participants!

6 JULY, 2018 - Volunteers are ready to do!
Volunteers are ready to go! The first meeting is already done in the official hotel of the World Junior Diving Championships "Favor Park". All important points were already discussed and all volunteers are spread among the countries. Kyiv is eagerly waiting for diving lovers!
Welcome, everyone!

4 JULY, 2018

From July 22 to 29, the "LIKO" sports centre will be the home for strongest divers, who will visit for the FINA Junior World Diving Championships, 2018. Competitions of such level will be held in Ukraine for the first time and it is going to bring the diving athletes together from 46 countries throughout the World.
Athletes will not only fight for the planetary prize awards but compete for the Olympic licenses of the 3rd Summer Youth Olympic Games, which will be held in the Argentinean city of Buenos Aires in this October.
"The FINA Junior Diving World Championship will be the brightest and most massive event of this year. It's nice to say that our "LIKO" arena has a capacity to accommodate around 500 athletes from 46 countries, which will be the maximum representation of this level diving competitions. In general, 52 countries are engaged with diving in the globe. “This is a high international recognition and responsibility to Ukraine and our Federation”, said Igor Lysov, President of the Ukrainian Diving Federation.
"LIKO" sports centre is fully ready for the event and it has the proper infrastructure that required for high world standards and it has already been highly appreciated by many athletes. It is noted that the last European Diving Championship also took place in Kiev city in June, 2017.

1 JULY, 2018

Dear friends! Less than a 3-week to go for the FINA World Junior Diving Championships 2018, which will be held in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv city. Local organising committee and FINA are working together hard with a great passion for organising this mega event and put effort to create an opportunity to get incredible emotions for all out of this worldwide event. Enjoy the beauty of diving and spirit of competition!

Warm welcome everyone!


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